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club | 22 Aprily, 2008 13:09

Lately it has been quite difficult to catch up with the blog posts from FBC, particularly from Majunga. We apologize (euh...Joan) for it after weeks of motivational and inspirational mails, calls and encouragements we made for them. Thre is also another reason ...The contest which will end this Saturday the 26th has put every member to publish their first 6 posts to join. A digital camera and dizains of connexion hours are waiting for them on Monday 28th after the happy juges finalize their decisions. These pro bloggers have the very easy task to post a comment on each FBC blog. This is a great way to introduce our new friends to the blogosphere and also to get fresh and wise advices from well-intented people.
As you can see this is not really a contest but a fun way to participate in blogging !! You can find all our English, French and Malagasy posts collected here on del.i.cious

  1. Dans la peau d'Amlah
  2. la photo de l'enfant
  3. aidez-moi à aider
  4. Attention Zeus est en colère
  5. Faty
  6. Ma petite vie en bandes dessinées
  7. Le téléphone mobile à Madagascar
  8. Adidja (beauté féminine)

  1. Love story between meat and man
  2. Iza no tompon'ny tsiny 
  3. La danse de salon une nouvelle mode à Majunga 

  1. ils sont fous
  2. s'y attendre
  3. talenta talenta ihany
  4. incendie
  5. le slam pour la vie
  6.  vendeurs mandehandeha
  7. Poème
  8. mon opinion
  9. Mariage arrangé
  10. karaoké
  11. drôles de façon d’utiliser les préservatifs

  1. sous-emploi à Majunga
  2. un ami
  3. We're just too different
  4. perdue

  1. To work and study
  2. Exhumation in Madagascar
  3. Circumcision in Madagascar
  4. To work and Study
  5. Natural disasters in Madagascar
  6. Season and Weather in Madagascar
  7. Peace Corps 

  1. Fanovan-toe-tsaina eto dago
  2. Maudite journée,Maladroite de coiffeuse,Maudit taxi-be,Maudit embouteillage,maudit…..
  3. Malagasy Youth and the Millennium Development GoalsPourquoi se tuer ?
  4. Nosy Maintso
  5. Miandry takalo …
  6. Samihafa
  7. Qui donc reste-t-il à épouser???
  8. Wen B me yesterday
  9. Asa mahavelona kosa kno!
  10. Hard to find jobs
  11. Guiding can be funny
  13. Girl fond of going in a nightclub 

  1. Miovaova
  2. 925/5-9-25
  3.  Hatrany Mampikony ka hatrany Mananjary
  5. Nandatsa-bato
  6. 8_Mars
  7. Cyclone "JOKWE?" indray
  8. Gidragidra tao Mahamasina
  10. Tra-boina ao Anosizato Andrefana
  11. Cyclone_IVAN :ireo SISAM-PATY
  12. Cyclone_YVAN Fialan-tsiny
  13. Cyclone IVAN - Ireo takaitra
  17. Elanelam-panahy
  18. Ankatso_Ilay Edena Vaovao
  19. Procambarus * Foza orana
  20. Tsy mahatsiaro tena
  21. Goragora
  22. Rotsirotsy
  23. salon du recrutement
  24. JIRAMA…Fa misy inona?
  25. NyVaovaontsika

  1. Se suicider?
  2. La pollution à Tana
  3. Se faire pardonner
  4. La mode vestimentaire
  5. l'échec solaire
  6. les jeunes de nos jours
  7. La mode vestimentaire 
  8. Se faire pardonné
  9. Qui doit lutter contre le VIH/SIDA?
  2. Ty lozanao ry Ivan!
  3. Rimorimo
  4. Teny ratsy
  5. Mitsikia foana ho'aho

  1. Photos de T/ve
  2.  L'exode rurale
  3. Ny Vehivavy
  4. qu'en est il des femmes?
  5. Akory Toamasina!
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