Blaogin'i (foko) Blog Club

Foko Blog Club Toamasina : Tonga soa Patrick !

club | 29 Jiona, 2008 12:13

Mpitoraka blaogy vaovao avy any Toamasina :

Day 1 : June 27th 2008 :

La vacanza non durano tuta la vita....

Day 2 : June 28th 2008 :

Friday’s bloggers came back and published more and  Patrick  Tamatave’s leader wants to bring more friends for tomorrow’s workshops, let’s hope there are not going to be blackouts, etc. The bloggers were unable to put load their pictures this time but amazingly had the chance to share few moments from the GVO summit and catch Lova’s presentation on Malagasy bloggers during cyclone Ivan. They found inspiration and felt very proud to be part of this amazing experience !

Day 3 : June 29th 2008 : podcasts and chatrooms !


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