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Traditions and beliefs in Madagascar's regions.

club | 27 Jolay, 2008 03:31

Hkambora and Rondro are the cultural bloggers at Foko Blog Club. They both are fluent in Malagasy, French and English and are doing an amazing job describing the diversity and richness of Madagascar's cultural patrimony. When most of the time we read about our fauna and flora or social matters, these talented students from Tamatave university and Majunga school of journalism are promoting an unknown aspect of the Green Island and its population.

Read more from Hkambora's blog on the Antekaran Kingdom in the northern region of Madagascar. You will slowly discover than even if the location is different, most of the tribes share the same beliefs and practice the same traditions.

Reincarnation is another important aspect of Antakarana beliefs. The best known example of this belief is described in a story. Fitsanaganan'ny Maty

The Tsangantsainy is the name of the royal post or monument which is raised to symbolize the marriage of the Zafimbolafotsy dynasty with the Antakarana soil



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