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FOKO teaming with the English Club at the University of Tamatave

club | 18 Jolay, 2008 04:30

In less than 6 months, Foko has succeeded in making partnerships with great associations in Antananarivo, Majunga and now in Tamatave.  You already know about the wonders of Club for UN in Antananarivo with their leader bloggers you knw so well,. You have helped Diana from the Scgool of Journalism of Majunga and the students of the 2nd year who are the foundations of the Citizen Media workshop with more 1st and 3rd year going to start their blogs. Today we want you to hear from the BUEC: Barikadimy’s United English Club at Patric.

BUEC is an English club which is exist at University of Tamatave. It was created by group of students included Rolland, Gildas, Paul, Vohary, Jacquinot, Jean D’Arc, Fredel, Lydovick, Urbain and Patrick is the President actual. It was on 2003 and every years the member is increasing nonstop. In this club, there is no teacher neither students but we help one another. It is a very big opportinuty for the people especially the students at University of Tamatave to increase their skill in English (…)We always got problems about the room where we can have our meeting. Normally we hve to have one teacher at least but because we are all students in and we’re all bit busy of our studies no one of us could be a teacher. Also as a club we have not enough materials like computer, TV. We only have one tape for leastening but sometimes we want to watch a film. more here from

So what are the latest news from Tamatave?

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